Why Choose Us?

Thornton Online Marketing Superstore provides the latest in tools and resources to help today's online entrepreneur expand their vision, grow their brands online, and make more money. Our founder H Cortez Thornton started his online marketing journey like most people, hungry for opportunity but with little money to invest in tools and/or training. 

This site his commitment to those that are starting from meager beginnings but have the ambition, drive, and passion to build a profitable and sustainable online business, if only they had the right knowledge & tools.

While we do offer tons of FREE resources, many will require an initial investment. Mr. Thornton knows more than most that even a small investment sometimes is out of reach, and that's why our affiliate program was created. 

A lack of money has never really stopped a truly ambitious person from getting what they want. Our affiliate program pays 70% commission which enables our affiliates to earn good money for their efforts and puts them in position to afford the best tools and resources, allowing them to compete in this global economy.

So choosing Thornton Online Marketing Superstore as your resource center literally pays in more ways than one!

About Us

Cortez Thornton

store owner

Wealth strategist, author, and online entrepreneur, H Cortez Thornton, lauched Thornton Online Marketing Superstore as a legacy business to a.) keep his father's name, Sammy Lee Thorntong, alive and b.) help ambitious people all over the world build their own legacies be leveraging the AMAZING power of the internet.

The 4th born of 6 and raised by a single mom on welfare, Cortez got bit by the entrepreneur bug early out of necessity. Like many, he failed at multiple business before making his mark in the direct sales business as a financial educator.

Instead of talking to family and friends about his opportunity, Mr. Thornton took to the internet, mainly video marketing via Facebook and YouTube and built a wildly successful business. It was then that he embrace the internet and social media as the future of not just direct sales but ALL business.

The digital products, tools and resources promoted via this site are all endorsed by Cortez himself and proven to get results.

"If entrepreneurs continue to focus on these 3 things, and get incrementally better at developing their mindset, their marketing message & their money management (personally & in business) it's not a matter of "IF" they will succeed it's a matter of WHEN!" ~ H Cortez Thornton